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Be Your Own #Goals

We've all played the comparison game at one point or another. But instead of striving to be like everyone else, why not try to be your own #GOALS?In this refreshing, yet straightforward, guide, bestselling author, writing coach, and personal development junkie, Kristen Martin, puts her personal and professional learning experiences on display for your benefit. Concise, witty, and relatable chapters and exercises make for an engaging and easy read, ultimately helping you to:* Discover and defeat your fear-based thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors* Overcome toxic energy, relationships, and situations that have been holding you back up until this point* Evolve into the person you were destined to become and live the amazing life you've always dreamed ofIf you're ready to get out of your own head, stop playing the comparison game, reclaim your self-worth, and walk in your truth every single day from this moment forward . . . this book was written for you....

Title : Be Your Own #Goals
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ISBN : 9780997909258
Format Type : Paperback
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Be Your Own #Goals Reviews

  • Kaylee White

    Great #girlpower book and powerful wonderful inspiring message!!! LOVE IT and recommend it to girls of pretty much any age!

  • Yasamin

    I really liked this. More than I thought I would. There were parts that definitely did not resonate with me and parts that almost brought my rating down to 3 stars, but it was honestly overall pretty damn inspiring.

    Kristen is such a lovely person (I'm a recent subscriber on YouTube!) and her kindness and passion definitely come through in this book. I felt like I was reading words from a friend and although sometimes those words are hard to hear, they have to be said.

    So, I liked this. I really

  • Kat

    As a fan of Kristen Martin’s podcast, I was pretty excited to read this book. It’s very much an extension of that podcast, sharing many of the themes and ideas that Kristen talks about there. The style is casual and conversational, which makes it a fabulously easy read, and the message is both positive and empowering. It is very much aimed at creatives, with a gender lean towards women. Unsurprising, since that is the author’s main demographic for her social media. I’m not convinced that the adv ...more

  • Kim Chance

    I typically don't read personal development books, but I definitely wanted to read this one, and I am so glad I did! Kristen Martin has put so much of herself into this book and that kind of vulnerability takes a lot of courage and whole lot of heart!

    The message of this book is beautiful: You don't have to spend you life wishing you could be someone else. You don't have to look at someone else's life and label it as #goals. You are enough, and you can be your own #goals! Each chapter is filled w

  • Railee

    I admire Kristen Martin for the little self-publishing empire she's built and I LOVED how positive and upbeat her book was! That being said, a professional publisher would have given it the polish it deserves and MAYBE would have justified the inflated price tag.

    I didn't agree with everything in the book, but I did really enjoy reading it and it DID make me feel motivated. At least the first half. If you follow Kristin Martin as a loving and devoted fan on her YouTube channel or her podcast, thi

  • Elizabeth Hamm

    Wow. Where do I start? All I can say is that Kristen hit some hard subjects, some of which I am currently living in regards to cutting out toxicity in my own life as I strive to move to a higher plane in my personal journey. She is real with her reader in that she holds nothing back to what she has gone through as well as driving home a point in regards to staying stagnant in our lives due to fear & lack, something that we are putting out into the universe with our words & thoughts.

    I hi