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The Dependents

A wise and lyrical debut novel about a new widower confronting the truth about his long marriage.After the sudden death of his wife, Maida, Gene is haunted by the fear that their marriage was not all it appeared to be. Alongside Ed and Gayle Donnelly, friends since college days, he tries to resurrect happy memories of the times the two couples shared, raising their children in a small New Hampshire town and vacationing together at a lake house every summer. Meanwhile, his daughter, Dary, challenges not only his happy version of the past but also his view of Maida. As a long-standing rift between them deepens, Gene starts to understand how unknown his daughter is to him--and how enigmatic his wife was as well. And a lingering suspicion seizes his mind that could upend everything he thought he knew.Katharine Dion's assured debut moves seamlessly between Gene's present-day journey and the long history of a marriage and friendship. Rich and wonderfully alive, The Dependents is the most moving kind of drama, an intimate glance into the expanse of family life and the way we must all eventually bridge the chasm between what we want to believe and what we know to be true....

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The Dependents Reviews

  • Lolly K Dandeneau

    via my blog:

    'No one couple had played a more important role in his and Maida’s lives than Ed and Gayle Donnelly.'

    The lingering question is, what didn’t he know? After Gene’s wife Maida unexpectedly dies days following complications from routine surgery his world is upended. He remembers an argument about knowing, what is useful to know and what isn’t. In relation to death, it would only increase fear, change nothing but Maida, being more logical, preferred

  • Barb Eck

    I won this book from Goodreads contest. I recommend this wonderful book be put on the top of your summer reading list. This is a big debut book from Katharine Dion and I will be watching for her next book.

    Gene lost his wife, Maida. quite suddenly. He is having trouble distinguishing the fickleness of memory from the truth of the past. Was his marriage as happy as he thinks it was? Did he really know his wife? Why is there a big rift between him and his daughter, Dary? A lot of questions are aske

  • Diane Payne

    On Goodreads, this book was described as "lyrical," so that set me up to think I'd be reading a more rich and varied prose, but the novel wasn't actually lyrical. It was rather straight forward. It started out a bit slow, with Gene and his daughter preparing for the mother's memorial. The novel covers the long friendship between the two main couples, and their families visiting a lake house for a couple of weeks each summer. After being married for decades to the same woman, Gene begins a relati ...more

  • Larry H

    Gene and Maida Ash were married for 49 years. Gene loved his wife very much, even if he didn't necessarily know how best to show it. But he enjoyed their life together, even if he felt that there were times where Maida didn't express herself fully or let him know how she was feeling—about him, their marriage, their daughter, anything.

    He isn't sure how to handle his grief. His daughter, Dary, with whom he has never quite seen eye to eye no matter how hard he tried, returns home with her daughter

  • Jennie Rosenblum

    This is a book to slow down and relish. Which I did and as I slowed down I enjoyed it even more. The main character, Gene, a recent widower explores his life from a different perspective after the unexpected death of his wife of 49 years. The author uses lyrical phrase to help describe the ideas of happiness, grief and reflection in the characters. Most of the story is told through Gene or Gene’s preconceived ideas of others. Although he can appear clueless at times Gene has heartfelt memories a ...more

  • Elyse

    From the very first paragraph, debut author Katharine Dion, drew me in....

    “Gene’s interest in other people lay primarily in the mystery of their happiness.

    Happy children, happy parents tending happy children and small animals —had they always been such evangelists of joy? He now reserved a special kind of misery for the sight of a happy couple. This particular human configuration seemed to have been invented out of despair in everyone else”.

    Gene Ashe’s wife, Maida died. It wasn’t cancer - it w

  • Sherrie Howey

    At the start of the book, Gene has unexpectedly lost his wife, Maida, after 49 years of marriage. He is immersed in grief and his only daughter, Dary and his close friends , Ed and Gayle are trying to help him get through this difficult time. The book goes back and forth between the present and the start of Gene and Maida's relationship.

    The book is well written but left me with so many unanswered questions. The relationship between Gene and Dara is strained yet the reason for this tension is ne

  • Kayo

    After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to pick it up. Boy, I'm glad I gave to a chance. While I feel young at heart, I know I'm getting up there in years. I think most people don't feel their age. That's why I'm so glad that the main characters were up in age. Everybody isn't 20, there are plenty oldsters hanging around. Love the book. Bravo!