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The Bombshell Effect

Allie Sutton just got a new job.Not one she wants, and definitely not one she's prepared for. She hadn't seen her dad in years, so the last thing she expects upon his sudden death is to inherit the thing he loved more than anything (or anyone) ... the professional football team he owned for the last twenty years.Luke Pierson does not want a new boss.What he wants is to be a good father to his daughter, the best quarterback possible for his teammates. What he doesn't need is a blonde bombshell ruining the team's chances at another championship. Especially when that bombshell turns out to be his new neighbor. The neighbor he was a complete jerk to the first time they met.For the sake of the team, they treat each other like complete professionals. In public, at least. Behind closed doors, it's a different story. And the fallout of giving in to that heat is something neither one of them can see coming....

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The Bombshell Effect Reviews

  • Anne Milne

    I loved this book it was just what I needed it had everything I love in a book, a sassy woman a hot guy and a cute kid.

    Allie was such a great character finally a female lead that knows who she is and isn't afraid to show it. She's beautiful strong determined and not to be underestimated. Luke is a single dad and my ovaries went boom I love his relationship with his daughter it's adorable there is nothing better than a man loving his kid.

    There are some brilliant scenes in this book that made me

  • Amy Daws

    This book is was like my own, personal catnip. It has sports, it has tension, it has sexy bits that are amazing! The perfect blend of hot and heart-warming. You need this book in your life!!!!!

  • Mary at USAT's HEA

    After reading and loving The Bombshell Effect by new-to-me-author Karla Sorensen, I’m now a dedicated fangirl. This contemporary sports romance is swoony entertainment from beginning to end and checks every box on my must-read list. Luke is a mega-star quarterback and dedicated single dad to an adorable daughter, and he tries to deny his attraction to his new boss and neighbor, Allie. But the more he gets to know her, there is absolutely no way he can resist their insane chemistry, even though g ...more

  • Reading with 2 book lovers

    this is the first book I've read by this author and I have to say I have a soft spot for sports books so this one I highly enjoyed.

    allie and Luke made me fall in love with there characters right from the start, I do wish they weren't so slow in realizing they wanted each other but it was still a great read.

    "I felt like she was the one in the room who knew exactly what I was feeling"

    I loved Luke's daughter faith she just made this story what it was.

  • Joyce

    This was a really fun football book! I really enjoyed it. It was quick and light. Solid romance. Allie was a strong, confident woman. Luke was a stand up guy.

    Usually I don’t like reading romances with the guy being a single dad, but in this case, it highlighted what a good guy he was.

    And Allie had grace and self confidence and strength to really own who she was and who she wanted to be. She might have cowered internally but outwardly, she held her head high and spoke her mind. Very admirable.

  • Alex ♈

    3.75 – 4 stars

    It was my 1st book by this author.

    Liked it a lot, or better said liked the heroine a lot.

    She had such a beautiful name – Alexandra. Love it!

    You’ll never guess why *lol*

    I was happy to share my name with her.

    Allie (fortunately no one calls me that) was very smart, loyal and strong woman. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but when she stood up for herself the 1st time she met the ‘rude’ hero, I was on her side.

    Playboy Barbie – are you kidding me? When a woman looks beautiful i

  • Britt Red Hatter Book Blog

    I keep falling more and more in love with Karla Sorensen’s writing every time I read a book by her. She has this way of making characters I’m on the fence about become so true to life that I end up LOVING them. Usually one to cheer for the underdog nerdy girl a bombshell (and Allie is exactly that) is not the typical character I’m drawn to, but wouldn’t you know? I adored Allie.

    She’s so much more than her gorgeous exterior. A sweet woman who’s a bit lost but determined to prove herself and lear

  • RentasticReads

    This was my very first Karla Sorensen book and I must say, I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to devour her words. I got so into Luke and Allie’s tale that I couldn’t, for the love of all things holy, peel my eyes away from it once I dove in. From cover to cover, this book was just absolutely captivating and enthralling as hell. The Bombshell Effect definitely left me on a massive heart-thumping Washington Wolves cloud nine.

    Maybe she’d be my downfall. Maybe this would blow up in our faces.