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Trick (Diablo’s Throne #3)

Hes quiet, a thinker who is always three steps ahead of the gamein and out of the ring. Trenton Trick Jameson is a mystery, even to his fellow fighters at Diablos Throne. They only know him as the Country Boy Brawler who left home to chase his dreams. His band of brothers have no idea what he's lost or left behind...And thats the way Trick wants it.With a champion title tied to his name, his future is endless until the raven-haired beauty became his game changer. Mack owned him the moment she stumbled into his world. Trick could have never seen the sharp turn his life was about to take. Everything always catches up with you, whether you like it or not. And now, all he's fought for is on the verge of being destroyed. Whats a fighter left to do?Fight....

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Trick (Diablo’s Throne #3) Reviews

  • Penny Layne

    Trick may very well be my favorite from Diablo's Throne gym.

    Trick, the Country Boy Brawler, knew ranching was never where he wanted to be. After being forced out of his parents house by his mom to follow his dreams, he never looked back. That doesn't mean he never thought about it, but never wanted to return.

    Mack is a clumsy, introvert who literally falls into Tricks lap the first day of class. And this woman has him intrigued from the very beginning, never can get the thought of her out of his

  • Marnie

    There is so much to love, to laugh and to cry about in this book. It is every emotion you could ever feel.

    In a continuation of the Diablo’s Throne MMA series, this is book 3, and after Cruz and Jag, we get to read Trick’s story, and wow! Once again, HJ Bellus puts a story together with her trademark writing of tension and steam pulled together with a layer of humour endemic in most families, where characters always try their best to wind each other up.

    This is why we love MMA romances. The men ar

  • Mayas

    There is nothing to be said about this story but support, love, and encouragement.... Loved Mack and her growth and progress. Head held high and move forward.... This is another added gooden by HJ Bellus.

    Let me not forget about my husband, Boss. ENOUGH SAID!!!!

  • Tricia Bartley (iScream Books)

    Holy shit Batman!!!

    I am sooo in love with HJ Bellus MMA men!!! These books have been soo freaking good and such a great page turner with all the bad ass fighting and drama going on...ohh and then let me mention, the romance in her books are off the charts HAWT!!! Goodness...I can't get

    Trick is the next book in the Diablo Throne books. I feel like you could probably read each as a standalone, but in each book, Bellus gives you glimpses in the lives of the other guys and to me it just

  • Holly

    I loved Trick and thought he was a great alpha male lead for this book. I'm glad he went back home at the end. It bothered me a little that he "retired" to the ranch that he desperately wanted to leave. I couldn't stand Mack at all. She was such a weak female lead. I understand she had a hard upbringing but she couldn't even order a donut without freaking out? I must have missed it but why was she afraid of cars? She had a good role model of Gene in her life. I wish there was something more dram ...more

  • Heather andrews

    Trick is just gentlemanly at times, “when we are together, I pay. No exceptions. You’re not going to argue. It’s the way I was raised. ” I kiss her sweet, cherry-flavored lips." Trick has inform his woman on some things, “you can’t be considered a farm boy’s or cowboy’s girlfriend if you haven’t romped around in the hay a few times.” I loved this book, I loved Trick he was protective and caring.

  • Stefanie Kral

    ✯✯5 Tricked Out Stars!!!✯✯

    Holy smokes!!! HJ Bellus is proving why she belongs on my instant TBR list even if she hadn’t uploaded the synopsis yet. I loved Cruz and Jag. But, Trick yeah he might’ve just gotten bumped to the top!

    Trenton “Trick” Jameson grew up on his families ranch. If it was up to his father he’d take over the ranch one day. But, his mom knows ranching isn’t what he sees for his future. She helps pack his things and pushes him out the door and tells her son to follow his dre

  • Christine Raroha-Blood

    Love Trick with his Sweet Ole Country Boy Demeanor <3

    Trick is such a sweetheart and the protective instincts he has for the people he loves blew me away. Watching Mack grow into herself with the love and support from the Diablo's Throne MMA family was amazing. I thought that no one could top Cruz, but I have been mistaken (in such a great way!)

    Would love to see more from the Diablo's Throne MMA family!