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Secret aspiring comedian Autumn Reynolds is a girl gone...not wild exactly. More like lazy. Since her boyfriend abandoned her in New York City for a bunch of improv groupies shes had two priorities; sucking the nitrous out of whipped cream cans and making sex comics about her mysterious landlord. Blake hates peopleand sunlightwith good reason. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself lusting after his upstairs tenant, a sunny, Australian people pleaser down on her luck. Turns out his ability to terrify with a single scowl comes with an advantage. Autumn seems to like it. A lot. As evidenced by the prisoner-captive comic Blake was never meant to see. As they embark on a three-date arrangement the rules are clear; filthy, ground breaking sex, no feelings or commitment required. When chemistry is this strong, though, attachment follows. As Blake and Autumn attempt to negotiate their New York romance, their prior histories and secret dreams come to the foreground. How long can these polar opposites remain Captivated, when all signs point to disaster? ...

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Captivated Reviews

  • Paige

    5 “Gold Leaf” Stars

    Can you see the steam coming off my Kindle? Hot damn. This book was sexy, hilarious and so sweet. I seriously loved this book. A little kink. A lot of steam. Two characters that were impossible not to love and this book is one of the best new releases I’ve read this summer.

    I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. A is for Alpha B is for Books.

  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥

    4 'Beauty and the Beast' Stars!

    ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

    When I saw that Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield were writing a book together, I knew. I just knew they would write one sexy love story. And if you have read both or one of these two ladies before, you know you are in for a filthy and oh-so-yummy treat because they know how to get down and dirty, if you know what I mean ;) You all know by now I am HUGE Tessa Bailey fan and actually this is my first time

  • Yvette ~ Nose Stuck in a Book

    I’ve read and loved all of Tessa Bailey’s books and have recently become a fan of Eve Dangerfield (after Tessa Bailey posted a recommendation for her books). Individually, the two authors have written romances that are off-the-charts steamy, rife with dirty-talking Alpha heroes and increasingly inventive and unapologetically filthy love scenes. Learning they’d be collaborating on a book made my mind explode with the possibilities. And I must say that these two authors delivered a scorching hot, ...more

  • Giedre


    Heavy on the sexytimes (and good times they were). Liked the hero. However, I was ambivalent about the heroine. Also, the "aspiring comedian" bit is a stretch, which I was kind of disappointed by.

  • *The Angry Reader*

    ***ARC received for an honest review***

    What a perfect combination of steamy, funny and sweet. This book was wonderful!

    Maybe i don't want everyone to know that the boyfriend everyone thought was way too charming and hot for me cheated and the widely acknowledged best city on earth smashed me into the ground like a tent peg.

    I laughed so hard in the first 10% of this book as we joined Autumn in the reverb of her world falling apart. She was perfectly sarcastic and mopey and adorable and the hottest

  • Kimberly (Kimmy Loves to Read)

    I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review.

    PMB lovers unite! We have a new PMB to love and his name is Blake Munroe. He is grouchy AF and oh dear lord I loved him so much! Seriously y’all. I don’t think I have the words to describe him. There’s a meme floating out there in the internets of a guy who is all beastly and scary until he meets a woman and then he’s just a big giant teddy bear. That, my fellow readers, is Blake.

    But let’s go back to the beginning.

  • Book-Bosomed  blog


    Autumn Reynolds is a down on her luck, just been dumped, veterinarian who’s not satisfied with her body image and hoards injured pigeons in her apartment. Blake Munroe is her bruiting, hulk of a man landlord.

    I gotta say, I questioned at times if this story was supposed to be taken seriously. Like, with the right comedic actors it might have been a pretty good parody of a romance. But as a real feel-the-chemistry and swoon romance—not so much. As a romcom—nah. I rolled my eyes more than I cra

    “‘I-I think I want you to stalk me.’”

    Meanwhile, Blake harbors some angsty secret. It’s made him a recluse. Physically, Blake is described as…well he’s not your ordinary romantic hero. I had a hard time not picturing him as the love child between Disney’s Beast and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    “‘…he always looks like someone just punched his mum, but he’s really quite sexy. Kind of broad and hairy and angry-looking.’”

    “Not that Blake had any room to judge someone’s appearance—not with the pissed off Yeti aesthetic he had going on…”

    Don't get me wrong, every romance hero doesn't have to be drop-dead gorgeous, but when he's described more animal-like than human, it's not exactly a turn-on.

    My issues with connecting to the characters and the story weren’t helped by the 3st person POV. There’s just something about a distant narrator in romance that makes it feel as if it’s being told by a voice-over. I’d much rather have the characters tell me about themselves; otherwise, it feels detached and makes it difficult for me to connect with them.

    By 35% it was just too much of a struggle to read on. I was tired of hearing about Autumn’s ex from both characters, annoyed with Autumn’s inability to form coherent sentences, bored with the side characters, and getting disturbing vibes from their “romance.” The lines between liberating role play and you-have-some-issues were getting too blurred for my enjoyment.

    *I volunteered to review this ARC. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. In the interest of providing unbiased book reviews and to avoid misleading other readers, it is the blog’s policy not to withhold or delay any reviews no matter the star rating. To the best of my knowledge, this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations. ...more

  • Nicole P

    So. My favorite author has decided to team up with someone else. And I was like this person better know what the heck they're doing, because if they bring the Queen of Dirty Talk down, there's going to be hell to pay. Stupid of me think Tessa Bailey could possibly choose a crappy author. It was a perfect match! Never read a book by Eve Dangerfield even though I have one on my TBR pile. After reading this book, I'm going to remedy that situation.

    Holy mother of god. This book was INTENSE! And defi