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For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem #2)

Bailey Wulfe has her blinders on, her focus straight forward, tromping through life to the future that has been planned for her since she was Turned. Shes been promised to a high-ranking wolf in her Clan, but one chance encounter with a familiar face and shes questioning everything shes ever wanted. The boy she knew as a child has turned into a monstrous man. And from the looks of Rike, his bloodline will be the death of him and everyone he encounters. Maybe she can stop his freefallif only she can get him to remember her. Rike Blackwood needs one thing to go right. His brother is a traitor and has run off, his Alpha is in transition after losing half his Clan, and Rikes own last name is poisoning him from the inside out. One steady day is all he needs, but while his Clan is coming out to the public that they are shifters, a sassy little she-wolf claims theyve been married before. Nice try, Little Wolf. He wouldve remembered being married, but she does look familiar. And now he cant seem to stop hunting her. They say curiosity killed the cat, but this time, it just might kill a crow, too. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences....

Title : For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem #2)
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For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem #2) Reviews

  • Heidi Nininger

    For the Blood of a Crow

    T. S. Joyce is one of my favorite authors. She puts everything in her books ... humor, raw feelings from desperation to being on top of the world, to shifters finding their fated mates whatever the trials and tribulations they have to go through. I love whole series from this small town and the various shifter clans involved. Anyone who enjoys reading shifter stories should read all her books.

  • Melisa Underwood

    PSA: Here's your heads up about this 10 *** book

    Before you start reading - hit the bathroom. You could laugh so hard you could pee.

    Pause reading BEFORE you take a drink. Spewing and choking is ugly. And painful.

    Tissues required. You will laugh, you will cry and you're going to fall in love with these crews.

    Meet Rike and Bailey a crow and a wolf that have a tangled history. Two people that have been through hell but fight for each other to keep a love of a lifetime.

  • Karen


    This KU library selection is a great addition to the Red Dead Mayhem series. I've found that Joyce's books are almost impossible to put down once started, and this was no exception. After an attempted coup, Rike is now Ramsey's second. At a "coming out" event with the press, Rike encounters a young woman who claims to be his former wife. He doesn't remember her or being married, especially to a wolf. But then his memories begin to return. His father was an out of control murderer and Rike

  • Sherry Koch

    When I start reading a book from T.S. Joyce I can't put it down until I reach the end. That's saying a lot. The stories T. weaves are wonderful and beautiful. The hero thinks he's broken and the strong heroine knows her man isn't perfect and loves him anyway. I adore the relationships the characters build with each other, they are meaningful and carry through several stories. I highly recommend this book to everyone that realizes that no one is perfect and even those of us with flaws can find th ...more

  • Maria11

    Sweet read

    Sweet story of redemption and love. Rike was sweet and strong and Bailey was the perfect woman for him.

    Want to see if we get Ethan’s story next.

  • Kathy Wideman

    This is the second book in this series and they should be read in order. Rike is second of the Red Dead Mayhem. The clan is still recovering from near destruction. Rike is being poisoned from the inside out after his brother betrayed the clan and coming out to the public isn’t helping. He needs just one day turns out today isn’t going to be that day. Bailey has been living her life with blinders on. After running into the boy from her childhood she is questioning everything. Rike is a mess but h ...more

  • Mary Lee

    Not much to it

    Urghhhh, seriously? Well,we didn't get much story again and as if that weren't enough we didn't get much romance as this relationship started and was completed when they were teens. So we didn't get to see them fall in love. It was a one night stand the day after they saw each other again that morphed straight into forever after. There was no build-up. We got a bit of conflict with the wulfs, but even that made no sense and was over quickly. If she was cut off, she was supposed to

  • Jacqualine Walker

    Adding this to my favorites

    I loved Rike's story. I didn't know what to expect but I'm glad I took a chance on it. No matter how much time passes, you never forget your first love. Rike is the epitome of tortured and not with a good heart. I enjoyed watching his story unfold to his HEA. This is book two in the Red Dead Mayhem series. If you haven't read the first one, I suggest you do before reading this one.