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Finding the Jewel (Brides of the Kindred #21.8)

Chloe Deems is a plus sized girl with pink hair and an attitude she owns her curves. Which is one reason shes so upset when she gets abducted by aliens and forced to live in a Smart House designed to make her lose weight. She has to weigh in every day and the smart-aleck talking scale decides what shes allowed to eat which is always lettuce and celery and never the delicious Thin Mints she can see peering tantalizingly out from behind the unbreakable glass cupboard in the kitchen. To Chloe, it seems like things just cant get any worseuntil a prospective buyer comes to look her over.Tark is a Beast Kindred who has been on the outside looking in his whole life. A debilitating stutter has kept him from finding a mate or settling down. Finally he gets a prophesy from a priestess telling him to seek for an elusive jewel which can cure his voice and Tark knows just where to look for itin the house where Chloe is being held prisoner. But instead of the jewel, he finds a feisty, gorgeous plus-sized girl whos ready to fight for her life. He agrees to rescue her if shell help him look in the only other place the jewel might bethe Resort of Resonant Oneness, located deep underground on a planet that straddles the lines between dimensions.Chloe agrees to help the big Kindred out in return for her freedom but she doesnt know that the resort they are traveling to has some distinctly erotic ideas about oneness. Now she and the huge Beast Kindred are stuck doing some incredible embarrassing and intimate exercises that make even the brash Chloe blush. Still, she and Tark seem to be growing closeruntil a monster from her past kidnaps Chloe.Tark is given a choicebetween rescuing the woman he has come to love, or completing the task he set himself in the first place and regaining his voice.Which will he choose?Youll have to read Finding the Jewel to find out...

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Finding the Jewel (Brides of the Kindred #21.8) Reviews

  • Stacey Escalera blog

    Finding the Jewel (Brides of the Kindred #21.8)

    This was a fantastic read OMG I loved the story plot.

    This book was well written I can relate to the MC I truly was moved by the MC and how this book was written.

    Overall this was a awesome edition to the series.

    This Author Countinue to impress me with her story telling.

    Overall this book meet my expectations.

    I voluntarily read an advance reader copy and my opinion are my own.

  • Frances Law

    A jewel of a story!

    Chloe Deems is a pretty plus sized girl who is a speech pathologist who gets kidnapped by mistake by some Commercians. They actually wanted her tall model like girlfriend. Be size Chloe is not what the Commercians believe is the ideal weight and figure for an Earth female she is put into a luxurious prison and subjected to torture! Yes, torture! There is a kitchen but she cannot access anything to cook. There's a fridge and cupboard that talk, in fact nearly everything in the

  • Bubbles The Book Pimp

    another instalment from the brides of the kindred.

    This one focused on Chloe a plus sized girl held prisoner inside a ‘fat shaming’ diet house and Tark a beast kindred with a speech impediment. On a mission to find a jewel to help him fix his broken voice... he stumbles across Chloe who is actually a speech therapist. Tark is focused on an immediate fix and accepts Chloe’s offer to help him find the jewel.

    Whilst I adore this series and the concept for this book, it just didn’t hit the spot for

  • Fran

    I was given this ARC through Booksprout and this is my voluntary and honest review.

    The plot is pretty much basic: Chloe Deems is a chubby girl kidnapped by aliens and destined to be auctioned off but the Commercian aliens have a misconception of the "ideal" Earth girl and to them she just doesn't fit that mold. Chloe has been derided for her size and subjected to their "fat farm" mentality. Along comes Tark is a Beast Kindred searching for his jewel to rid him of his affliction which is stutteri

  • Shelly Celli

    Evangeline has done an amazing job with this one. Chloe has been kidnapped and put into a “fat-shaming house” to make her lose weight so she’ll be the “ideal” earth girl they’re looking for. Having always been a bigger girl, she’s gotten comfortable with her weight, but this house of bullying is causing her to doubt herself. Tark has also suffered throughout his life by being bullied, not only because of him being a beast Kindred on twin moons, but also because of his speech problem. These two a ...more

  • Elizabeth

    I loved this story. Tark, the hero, was plagued by a stutter that had alienated him from not only his family but from any meaningful relationships until he meets Chloe. She understands his stutter and as a SLP, has the skills to help him overcome it. The tension between Chloe and Tark was amazing and their relationship develops almost instantly. There were a few moments that dragged especially near the end but overall, Tark is now my favourite hero and this Kindred story is a hit for me.

    I receiv

  • Racy

    Another great book by Evangeline Anderson.

    I just love reading about the Kindreds. When it come to the Kindred there is not one I do not like. They all have something about them that makes them unique and they all have a heart of gold. But I do have to say the Beast Kindred is one of my favorite and that was what Tark was.

    Tark was one that had some struggles and these struggles caused insecurities and frustrations. His struggle was that he stuttered. As we read about Tark we get to see the hard

  • Daria

    I actually liked the storyline and the world the author created this being the first book I read in the series, I felt it was a standalone so I didn't miss out on anything not reading the others yet.

    Detailed and descriptive and other unique secondary characters. Tark was pretty awesome I really like what the writer did with him. Chloe, on the other hand, wasn't my fav character and would have been a good reason for me not to finish the story. I just thought her character was overly whiny and sil