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Hammerhead Ranch Motel (Serge A. Storms #2)

Penzler Pick, August 2000: Is it Florida, or is it the mystery writers who set their stories there? There seems to be a tradition of Florida noir that is as loony as that name implies. Tim Dorsey is the newest writer from the Sunshine State whose stories are inhabited by a cast of characters who, in any other state, would probably be behind bars. In Dorsey's world, not only are they roaming free, they are also wreaking havoc with impunity up and down the peninsula. In his first book, Florida Roadkill, Dorsey introduced us to several characters who are still at large as his second story begins. Serge A. Storms is a spree killer and Florida history buff, still looking for the five million dollars that's stashed in the trunk of a Chrysler--unbeknownst to the driver--somewhere in the state. Johnny Vegas is a playboy who, because catastrophic events always seem to get in the way, has yet to lose his virginity. Also along for the zany ride is 90-year-old Mrs. Edna Ploomfield, who blows away a man delivering her flowers and chocolates; a DJ who changed his name legally to Boris the Hateful Piece of BLEEP so that he would not be BLEEPED on the air every time he used the name; and Safety Officer Chester "Porkchop" Dole who watches the monitors on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Along with a dancing Chihuahua who forecasts the weather, the Diaz Boys, Harvey Fiddlebottom, undercover cops, and a variety of oddballs, they will congregate in or around the seediest place never to have been shut down, the Hammerhead Ranch Motel on the Gulf of Mexico. There, they will play out their lunacy as Hurricane Rolando-berto bears down on them. This is a wonderful summertime read, relentlessly funny and impossible to put down. --Otto Penzler...

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Hammerhead Ranch Motel (Serge A. Storms #2) Reviews

  • Lee

    With Serge A. Storms, the schico/attention-deficit/spree killer/anti-hero of Tim Dorsey's zany series. Serge is a walking encyclopedia of his beloved home state of Florida, who will get side tracked, with an obscure history lesson. With bungling thugs, drugs, sex and rock 'n roll, this series is laugh out loud craziness.

    One example...

    "What kind of a crazy motel is this?" asked the cop. "Is there anyone here who's what they're supposed to be?"

    "I am," said Serge, raising his hand. "I'm a one-hundr

  • Peggy

    just plain wacky. It's my favorite of Dorsey's books and it's exactly what i look for in escapism, beach reading.

  • Jessica

    Bad bad bad. Only useful as trashy beach fiction. Includes a roller-skating parrot and a murderer who taxidermies his victims alive. Hilarity!

  • Mike French

    My GR Friend Fred Forbes commented that Serge Storms grows on you. He is correct! Serge (Tim Dorsey) and Skink(Carl Hiaasen) have to be two of wackiest characters in American Literature and I love their antics! If you like Carl Hiaasen,Paul Levine and Dave Barry, you will love Tim Dorsey.

  • Heather

    This takes place where I live and I can't help but notice the similarities between these fictional characters and the characters I know that hang out in places eerily similar to the "fictional" ones in the book. Tim Dorsey has a very warped sense of humor, and I for one love it. Laugh out loud funny but a little vulgar.

  • Dani

    Twisted and fun. Mike enjoyed the first one, best, Florida Roadkill, but this one was my favorite of the bunch.

  • Ensiform

    The sequel to Florida Roadkill. I don’t believe it’s possible to give a précis of the plot here. Serge Storms, the deranged serial killer obsessed with his state’s history, has his money stolen and kills lots of people getting it back, and many other equally immoral people do other horrible things, mostly to old people and tourists.

    It’s utterly deranged, like Hunter S. Thompson writing black comedy at his most addled. It’s also hilarious, and written in assured, sharp, graceful prose. It’s a con

  • David

    This book was a chaotic mess. Not to suggest that it is all bad, but it is sort of like the author was smoking meth and up for days as he wrote it. The book has a frenetic pacing that is at times endearing and at others annoying. The characters are all unscrupulous nutcases and at times this is fun and at others frustrating.

    Almost every chapter seems to introduce a new character, some of whom don't even survive the chapter. The reader is granted a readers digest introduction to these characters